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Enclosed Cargo Trailers For Sale

Ohio Trailers Direct offers high quality trailers at a great price. We stock trailers from well known brands like Diamond C to ensure you can haul your cargo with confidence. For additional information on cargo trailers, click here.

Why Choose An Enclosed Cargo Trailer?

Enclosed cargo trailers are an excellent way to transport your load. There are many additional benefits of having an enclosed trailer, especially when compared to open air trailers. As with any trailers, there are pros and cons to each type of trailer. Specifically in this case, we’ll be overall comparing enclosed to open air trailers in general as there are many different types of enclosed and open air trailers.

Enclosed Cargo Trailers Vs Open Air Trailers

Exactly how it is described, enclosed trailers are trailers that fully enclose their cargo inside walls and a ceiling to fully protect its cargo. Open air trailers may have railings or small walls, but will often leave your cargo exposed to the elements.

There are often many different types of enclosed cargo trailers with many different uses. Many individuals will use an enclosed trailer for hauling various cargo, such as moving boxes, storage, and general hardware. Business owners may use an enclosed trailer to protect their tools, especially plumbers, electricians or contractors.

Other types of enclosed trailers are more specific to common types of cargo. For example, there are many enclosed motorcycle trailers. This is useful for protecting specific equipment from the elements, preserving expensive equipment. Other common types of cargo hauled by enclosed trailers include snowmobiles and ATVs.

Open air trailers have their own benefits. Since there are no ceilings to worry about, you don’t have to worry about the height of your equipment. This may be useful if you have larger equipment you want to haul.

Benefits Of Enclosed Trailers

Here we’ll be going into more specific detail on the main benefits of cargo trailers in general.

More Protection

Since cargo trailers are enclosed, things such as dirt, rain, hail, among other things that might hit your trailer as you travel. While moving your equipment on an open air trailer every once in a while might not cause as much damage, doing it too many times can cause obvious damage, such as rust, chipped paint, among many other things. Ultimately, investing in a cargo trailer will help protect your wallet from unforeseen repair jobs in the long run.

Safety & Security

The safety and security we’re talking about isn’t just from the elements, but from prying eyes. Especially if you’re traveling to many different places, enclosed trailers will help protect you from instances of theft, especially if you bring padlocks.

Temporary Storage Space

You might not always be out on the road, but an enclosed cargo trailer can still be used! If you have additional things that need to be protected in an enclosed space, you can use your trailer for some additional storage while you figure out where you want your stuff.

Picking Out Your Cargo Trailer

Size & Weight Capacity

With most trailers, we recommend considering what you’ll be using it to haul. You should consider the dimensions of your cargo to ensure your trailer is long and wide enough to accommodate the cargo.

Additionally you’ll want to consider all of the weight limits, not just of the trailer but also with your vehicle in mind. If you want to haul heavier items, you’ll want to consider multiple axles.


Not all enclosed cargo trailers are made equal. Some are made of steel, others are made out of aluminum, and still others will show screws on the outside vs the inside. Depending on what the trailer is made of as well as how it was made, a trailer may not last as long or protect your cargo as well.

Buying Your Cargo Trailers From Ohio Trailers Direct

There’s obviously a lot going on when picking out your trailer, but Ohio Trailers Direct knows the ins and outs of trailers and can help you find a great deal on your trailers. If you need help finding the right trailer or figuring out a solid payment plan, just give us a call at (513) 420-0000 or send us a message through our website.

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